Ghulam Ali

Ghulam Ali was born on December 5th, 1940 Tehsil Daska, Sialkot District of Punjab. He belongs to a family of musicians. Ghulam Ali’s father was a Vocalist and a sarangi player.

He is one of the best ghazal singers and a real talent that Pakistan possesses. He blended sub-continent’s classical music in his Ghazals to give it more variation and style.

Ghulam Ali is very famous in Asian countries as well as USA, U.K, and the Middle Eastern Countries. His famous ghazals have been used in movies too. He had a distinguished style of classical music including “Thumri” and ”raga”

Ghulam Ali started his singing career from Radio Lahore station in 1960.

Once he was questioned about Pop groups and Ghulam Ali replied by having a cheeky smile on his lips saying that “How can you sing a song by doing acrobatics, while running and jumping on the stage!”

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