Rahat Fateh Ali KhanRahat Fateh Ali Khan

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, a Pakistani vocalist, is a known name for Qawali and Playback singing. His success started when he started being part of the Qawali group of his master, the King of Qawwali Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He started learning and then singing in public at a very young age.

The original form of Qawali and its lyrics are mainly from the teachings of the renowned Sufis. Those qawali singers who understand the inner meanings of the beautiful Kalam from the Sufis have an extra edge of presenting the qawali in its complete fullness and divinity and the listeners enjoy and experience the energy of these qawalis much more comparatively, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is one of the qawali singers who inherited this art, in his case from his teacher Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and has greatly improved on it ever since.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is now one of the biggest names in the Sub-Continent due to his amazing voice quality and he regularly contributes to the Bollywood industry with a hit after a hit. He is now one of the most established singing sensations in India and abroad.

Below are some of the selected Kalam sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Allama Mohammed Iqbal:

Dayar-e-Ishq Main Apna Muqaam Paida Kar

Izzat Khuda Ki Fatima Binte Nabi

Sitaro Se Aage Jahan Aur Bhi Hain [Duration: 90 Minutes!]


Sultan Bahu Sahab:

Kalam-e-Bahu (Je Tan Mera Chashma Howay…) [Duration: 16 Minutes]


Baba Bulleh Shah Sahab:

Ghungat Chak Le Sohneya [Duration: 16 Minutes)


Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Sahab:

Saif-Ul-Mulook [Duration: 16 Minutes)


Baba Farid Sahab:

Fareeda Turiya Turiya Ja [Duration: 15 Minutes)