Saeen Zahoor Profile PictureSaeen Zahoor Ahmed (or Sain Zahoor and Saieen Zahoor), born and raised in rural area of Okara District in Pakistan had for decades performed only in Sufi Shrines and Darbars within his origin district Okara in Pakistan.

In 1989 he was invited in an initiative known as All Pakistan Music Conference where he performed for the first time. This made Saeen Zahoor famous and gave him good exposure. And now Saeen Zahoor is a sucess when it comes to Sufiana and Arifana Kalam.

He is a down to earth personality, doesn’t know how to read or write. In an interview at Coke Studio Pakistan he was seen drawing pictures on a paper which help in memorising and performing his songs. He has been seen as one of the most favorite artists performing in the Coke Studio where he has performed with artists & bands like Noori, Abrar Ul Haq, Sanam Marvi etc.

He has released his album called “Awazain” meaning ‘Sounds’ in the year 2006. He is also known for his contribution in the creation of sound tracks for the hit Pakistani movie ‘Khuda Ke Liye’

He has been featured in a few western produced documentries and a film too, noteably, the 2011 british comedy ‘West is West’

Free Download Saeen Zahoor:

Saeen Zahoor – Aa Mil Yaar Way
Saeen Zahoor – Bullah Ke Jana Main Kon
Saeen Zahoor – Allah Hoo (Khuda Ke Liye Soundtrack)
Saeen Zahoor – Allah Allah Hoo (Original)
Saeen Zahoor – Aa Ja Yaar Mera

Saeen Zahoor – Menu Kehndi Rehi
Saeen Zahoor – Allah Allah Bool
Saeen Zahoor – Ni Main Kamli Aan
Saeen Zahoor – Cheena Enj Charrenda
Saeen Zahoor – Allaha Hoo Allaha 
Saeen Zahoor – Ishq Buley Nou
Saeen Zahoor – Terey Ishq Nachya

Saeen Zahoor – Dama Dam Mast
Saeen Zahoor – Tangan Ghos Diyan
Saeen Zahoor – Mehndi Lal Qalander
Saeen Zahoor – Ishq de nuvi navi bahaar
Saeen Zahoor – Aik Alif (Coke Studio with Noori)
Saeen Zahoor – Toomba