Picture of Mehr Ali Sher Ali QawwalMeher and Sher Ali were born in the Pakistani border-town of Kasur in the early 1950s and received their earlier training in classical music from their father who was a court classical singer in Patiala (now in India). Their father then became the disciple of Fateh Ali Khan, the father of the famous Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and young Sher Ali was the student of Bakhshi Salamat Ali Qawwal. Meher Ali and Sher Ali thus acknowledge that the family of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is their “Ustad Gharana” or “Teacher House”. Meher Ali was taught by Muhammad Ali Fareedi, an ordained Sufi qawwal of the shrine of the 13th century Sufi, Baba Farid. Meher Ali was thus trained in Sufi philosophy, poetry, texts and rituals. Meher and Sher are qawwals who have achieved the rare combination of both musical quality and authentic text rendition. They believe that qawwali goes beyond the limitations of orthodox religion and is a universal invitation to all living beings to share in the feelings of the powerful emotion of pure love, the pain of separation and the joy of union.

Awards & Achievements

  • King of Morroco invited them to Morroco in 1996.
  • In 1999 American World Music institute invited them to give some honourary lecture on Qawwali music.
  • In 2007, Pakistan’s Governer Punjab Awarded them with Pride of Performance award.